As a custom home builder in South Surrey, there are a lot of tips, tricks, and things you learn along the way. If you’re embarking on your first custom home build, here is what you need to know before getting started.

It’s Fun, Though Not Easy

Custom home design is fun. When it comes time to build though, things can get stressful. After saving for such a long time, the money you’ve set aside is going to fly out the door on making your vision a reality. Be sure to do what you can to de-stress, adapt, and be ready to pivot or make decisions when you run into snags.

A Custom Home Designer is Important

You may think, a designer’s not worth spending money on when you can do it yourself. While you may know what look, style, and feel you want, a designer sees things from a building and functional perspective.  They can prevent you from making costly building mistakes and are worth collaborating with. Bring them in early to evaluate your design strategy and to aid in finishing plans before you get to the custom home building stage.

Define Your Furniture Layout

Even if it’s just you sketching in a notepad, think of where furniture will go. Beds, couches, chairs, kitchen appliances, etc. These things will decide how your custom home in South Surrey flows. You may choose to adjust certain rooms once you have a firm grasp on whether your furniture works or not. In crafting a custom home, furniture placement can have a massive impact on designing and constructing key spaces like kitchens, bedrooms, and living rooms.

Be Decisive in Your Decision-Making

All contractors and people you bring in to work on your custom home are relying on you knowing what you want. Be decisive. When a custom home is being built, you will be faced with decision after decision. Situations come up. Materials may be unavailable or an alternative may come recommended to save some of your budget. Don’t hesitate in directing.

You Have to Hire the Right Custom Home Builder

The people you hire to work on your custom home construction is most important. They’re everything. They’re carrying out your instruction, will be working closely with you throughout the building process, and should be a crew you click with. Do your homework. Interview a few builders. Ask for referrals. Take time to make your decision.

Consider Long-Term Usefulness

The most common mistake we see custom home designers make is building for today and ignoring what a homeowner might need tomorrow. You may be creating a layout based off your way of life and current circumstances but take the long view. What may work for a young family now may not function well once an owner is older. Visualize your ideas and optimize planning with this in mind.

Even On An Approved Design, You Can Still Make Changes

The best part about building a custom home is it’s still within your power to make changes as things come along. You may do walk-throughs at different points to approve size and placement of certain elements. If you see something that may need to be changed, ask questions and speak up. It’s your home! Take it easy and, if something’s bothering you, mention it.

CBR Construction builds custom homes in South Surrey, achieving perfection in every construction. Put your dreams on display. Show us what you want. Under your vision, we can bring your ideas to reality in a custom home design and build.