Are you thinking about doing a major home renovation in South Surrey – hiring the best contractor for the job is a decision you have to make.

The right contractor can aid in controlling costs, guiding you in areas you’re unfamiliar with, and ultimately deliver what they promise under budget and on schedule. Here’s how to hire a contractor for your next home renovation and the questions to ask.

Connect with Your Contractor

Take the time to get to know your contractor a bit. Do they feel like an honest person – if not, move on. You’re going to be working with them every day for a specified period of time. You want something in there on your behalf that you trust to do a great job.

Verify That They’re Licensed

Once you get a sense of whether you want to work with a contractor, you want to know if they’re licensed, bonded, and insured. On all three counts, they should be. The last thing you want is to hire an unlicensed contractor or one without appropriate insurance. If they mess up your renovation, the contractor can leave and not look back. By having their license and insurance information, you prevent that from happening.

Do Your Research

Contractors are an industry that heavily values word-of-mouth marketing. Any renovation contractor in South Surrey worth their weight will have an online presence of some kind. Search out reviews. See what others are saying. If there are reports of low-quality work, you know to avoid them. There’s not quite anything as valuable as reading the experience of others.

Look At Their Past Work

A contractor should have a profile of some sort to show you examples of past work. Any contractor has their specialty. Some do kitchen renovations exceptionally well. Some do bathroom remodelling projects well. Some are more general contractors and are skilled at various renovation types. Inquire a little bit about your contractor’s background and get a sense of their level of experience with a project like yours.

Are They Local?

The first thing is you want a local contractor. It’s the locals who know the codes and building regulations that can make or break a renovation. Especially when it comes to working with electrical, plumbing, utilities, kitchen appliances, additions and add-ons, there are some strict requirements on what’s allowed.

Are They Being Realistic?

Some contractors will unfortunately do anything to get you to sign on the dotted line. This includes setting up unrealistic budgets and schedules, eventually leading to compromised work. Ensure your contractor is going to have the time they need to do the job right and that their rate’s fair enough to ensure the crew is invested in their workmanship.

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