The beauty of a custom home is there are few limitations. As long you work within the specifications of the lot you’re building on, are within your self-set budget, and maintain any architectural controls enacted in the area, your custom home can be anything you want.

There is no defined guide on how to build a custom home in South Surrey. Depending on the builder and the features selected for your custom home, there’s a lot of flexibility in how a homebuyer moves forward.

Set Your Budget

What’s a sure thing is every custom home builder is working within a defined budget. Things like landscaping, appliances, furniture, hydro connection, are lot purchase and taxes should be included in your budget. Once there’s a set budget, verify a custom home isn’t beyond your ability to pay.

Choose A Custom Home Builder

Around the same time you’re setting your budget, search out a custom home builder in South Surrey. Many home builders enjoy being a part of the design process which means it makes sense to select one before you start designing.

Design Your Custom Home

Chances are, you have a basic understanding of what you want, i.e. the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the entertainment space you want, the kitchen space you require, an interior design style you like, and more.

A Reflection of Your Lifestyle

A production model home is generic. A custom home is one-of-a-kind and is a direct reflection of how you live. If this truly is the ‘home you’ve always wanted’, think of what inspires you to get up in the morning. Include interior layout choices and styles that resonate with you. A custom home builder is there to follow your lead.

Builder Input on the Design

Due to budget limitations, often one has to prioritize what’s important to them and potentially compromise on certain elements. This is where consulting with your custom home builder is key as they’re experienced with material procurement and labor costs, and can help guide these choices with budget considerations in mind.

Customize Your Custom Home!

A custom home wouldn’t be so without the ‘custom’ part. In the design and building process, you’re tasked with customizing layouts, flow, and features. There’s also decisions that need to be made on bathtubs, sinks, lighting fixtures, kitchen appliances, cabinetry style, flooring, paint, roofing, railings, and siding.

Updates throughout Your Custom Home Construction

As you go along, you will inevitably run into unexpected events. Ensure you’re regularly meeting with your custom home builder to stay up to date on progress and to participate in any decision-making.

Once the hard work is done, your custom home builder has nothing left to contribute. The property’s yours to move in and get settled! For the best in custom home construction in South Surrey, contact the crew at CBR Construction.